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3 Drop Dead Simple Ways to Create Better Art Marketing Materials

Whether you're an artist or provide services for an arts organizations, marketing materials are essential. Brochures, exhibit postcards, business cards, stationary, etc. etc.

Not everybody is a designer, or for that matter, can afford to higher a designer for every project. As many of you know, I'm a graphic designer. Yet, even as a designer myself, time is a huge…

How to tackle a big project


As your goals grow and your projects begin to evolve, so too do the complexities of these projects. As a creative type, the first impulse might be to dive in – headfirst. Although a just-get-it-done approach is an excellent work ethic, the margin for error is enormous.



First, know that execution with no plan is a formula…

New to the art world? Here’s what you need to know.


Surviving in the art world is challenging but not impossible. When you spend a significant amount of time kicking around the art world, you learn a few things…

A few (only a few) common art world misconceptions:

False: I have a ton of work and need to sell what I have before I create new works.

Reality: Granted, it’s…

5 Traits of a Successful Art Show


You’ve worked hard. The art is amazing. The dates are set.  Now what? For starters, decide your definition of a successful art show.

Sales are important. But, do sales alone constitute a successful art show?

No. In fact, as important as they are, they’re not at all the biggest hallmark of a successful show.

An exhibit is but…

Want to be Found? Choose the Right .com for Your Art Site

If you’re serious about your art or art business, you already have a website or plans for a site. That’s smart!

However please note the following:

  • The domain, or .com, you choose matters. If someone is looking for you they’re searching for your name and only your name. I’m speaking first hand as someone who has worked with many artists…

6 ways to develop strong professional art world relationships


It takes consistency to build good, strong, relationships. In the art world, you can’t survive without them. Good, mutually beneficial relationships are an integral part of everything you do. They’re important to success. But you have to put in the work. A lasting relationship will not develop with out dedicated effort.

For starters, selectivity and engagement are essential for…

Art Branding 101: Create a Strong Brand Statement for your Art


A brand is not just a logo – rather, it’s an important marketing tool. Should you consider branding? Let’s talk about it.

What is branding and why is it important for art?

Plainly put, a brand is what you’re known for, above all others. Don’t confuse good marketing with good branding. In the simplest explanation, marketing is what you…

Next Stop – The Future: Adjusting to Impermanence in the Art World

As an artist, you’ll exhibit in many places. You’ll become a member of different art groups. You’ll meet a lot of people. You’ll have beneficial partnerships and partnerships that were a mistake. You’ll make great friends and you’ll meet people with conflicting personalities.

Many of your experiences will be wonderful – others won’t be. In this respect, the art world…

Developing Your Artistic Point of View

What makes a great artist? Talent? Knowledge? Experience? Skill? No. Those things might be important, but what makes an artist stand out above the rest is much simpler…..they love what they do and they know exactly why they do it.

Every great artist, visual, performing, musical or otherwise, has developed his or her point of view. They understand the direction…

ArtWorld ToolBox Part I: Informational Podcasts

Just recently I gave up several things for thirty days to rethink future goals and strategies. One of the things I gave up was television. Not that I watch a ton of TV but it’s normal for me to Netflix an entire series in the background when I work on other stuff. I’m a huge music lover, but after a…