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Ethereal Waters Solo Show by Mark Allen on Kansas City Billboards

Blue Gallery hosts solo show from Mark Allen as he tests “Ethereal Waters” The show with Kansas City artist Mark Allen includes images on 10×23 foot billboards to be seen easily from far away. Mark began shooting underwater photographs honing his skills in high school when many of his classmates approached him to shoot their senior pictures as an underwater scene.

In today’s digital imaging world, Mark is asked how many of his underwater photos are real. They are all, in fact, real. Mark shoots up to 1,000 photographs to create the 2-3 photos that are used in the final works. He uses a Canon digital SLR and models staged in local swimming pools to create each image.

Red more about “Ethereal Waters”:

“KC artist Mark Allen tests the ‘Ethereal…”
The images on those 10- by 23-foot billboards are part of Kansas City artist Mark Allen’s series of underwater photographs called “Ethereal Waters.” Other photos in the collection can be viewed up close when Allen’s solo show opens this week at Blue


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