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Kansas Artist Looks Completely Different Now News for 12-25-15

My road to starting this project has been a wild ride with so many hills and valleys. It’s a story I will share with you as we continue. Yeah! You’re gonna love the stories that have taken place from behind the scenes. But the ups and downs is what it’s all about. When you’re on the peaks the valley looks better and when you’re in the valley the peaks look better. That’s the way it goes.  You can’t stay in one place all the time. Life is a never ending series of storms.

If I’ve learned anything it’s this:

It’s the storms that make you stronger.

As you can see, Kansas Artist looks completely different. I stepped back to re-brand. The strategy, purpose, and the goals of Kansas Artist have changed and now that’s unfolding.

Where is the Kansas Art World headed? Where would you like to go? The faith and courage to enable growth or even power a transformation? My job is to provide a little gentle and helpful manipulation to get you there. It’s to see if I can keep you in the game long enough to help you get what you want and need from your art. And even if you do get tired, to get you to jump back in because you know what you really want. Why? Because the art world is always evolving. That means embracing change is critical. It’s how we grow as artists and as people. No one has ever gotten stronger from just standing still. Nothing has ever been accomplished by refusing to budge.


the gradual development of something,
especially from a simple to a more
complex form; any process of formation
or growth; a product of such development;
something evolved

How do you get through all of those stormy peaks and valleys? You have to have faith; faith in yourself and faith in other people. In art, and life, safety is a bit of a facade. Art is expository. It literally requires you to expose who you are to people you might not know. You are under constant scrutiny. There’s no reason to avoid or fear this. Have faith that what you do will work out in your favor.

Authenticity and integrity are always your first priority. What’s easy is almost never what’s best. In fact, it usually makes things 100x more difficult later. Be true to yourself and you will always be true to your art, your family, your friends, and your future.  That’s what it takes. That’s how to works.

Summon it. Bring it up from inside you. BE YOU.

As I’m writing this, I’m actually breathing a sigh of relief. I’m getting ready for a big year. I’ve been getting ready for some time. It was a little postponed but definitely not denied! It’s actually already begun and finally taking place.  As I give you this advice, I’m speaking to myself as well. I have just reached deep inside myself and said: “OK, GAME ON!” I hope you said the same because I’m betting you have big plans too.

Step into the next level. We all have a next level, don’t we?

I hope you are having an amazing day. Before I sign off, I want to extend a very Merry Christmas to you, to those I see everyday, and to those I haven’t seen in a while.

You know who you are. You’re in my thoughts. I hope you know that. I wish you and yours my best. May you be happy, calm, peaceful, and well.








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