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Kansas City Arts Scene Brings Millions to Economy

Celebration at the Station, KCMO

Kansas City’s art scene has grown leaps and bounds in the past 15 years, bring millions into the economy.  The Kansas City area ranked third in overall participation in arts and cultural activities among 15 communities studied in the National Arts Index.

“Kansas City is uniquely positioned to continue to define itself as a destination for arts and culture,” (Frank) Byrne said. “The arts are critical to attracting and keeping the kind of educated, informed workforce that our business community finds essential to its own success.”

Henry Bloch’s vision to involve local businesses and the formation ArtsKC in 1999 helped laid the building blocks for today’s art scene.  New arts performance and rehearsal spaces, additions to the Nelson, the building of  the Sprint Center and the Power & Light District, and new artistic leaders in all the arts have all added to the positive changes.   Here are some figures compiled by nonprofit ArtsKC:

▪ The effect of the arts on the local economy is estimated at more than $69 million, excluding ticket costs.

▪ Nonprofit arts and cultural organizations account for more than $273 million in annual direct expenses, 8,346 full time-equivalent jobs and $237 million in household income.

▪ If all nonprofit arts and cultural organizations were a single private employer, it would be one of the largest in the city.

All exciting new for Kansas City and the artists in the surrounding areas.  Let’s hope Kansas City can be the inspiration to bring positive arts changes and revenue to other communities, especially in Kansas.

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