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Kansas City Star Art Critic Laid Off

Longtime KC Star Art Critic Alice Thorson has been laid off and has worked her last day at The Star.  She has been critiquing art for The Star since 1991,  covering the expansion of The Nelson and the growth of the Crossroads District.  Thorson said she always knew that her job could be cut at any time, and sadly that day came on February 6th.  When asked what will happen now that there will be less arts coverage, Thorson said she is not sure- she said she does not think the public understands the importance of the arts in society.  Artists and art can shed light on what is happening in the world and help us to understand what is going on.   She is hopeful that The Star will continue to feature art critiques through freelance writers, even if the amount is scaled back.  We can’t help but wonder if this is due to the cuts in the arts across the country and especially in Kansas.  Read the full article and listen to an interview with Thorson here.

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