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KCI Airport Launches Vending Machine for Local Art

Well what do you know? “SouveNear”, based in Kansas City has recently placed a local art vending machine in the Southewest Airlines Terminal B of the Kansas City International Airport. Tiffany King and Susan Southard came up with the concept after repeated difficulty in finding appealing souvenirs in busy places.

The idea is to offer items with a local flavor that tells a story of the city people are visiting. Art prices range from $2.50 – $40. Tiffany and Susan are testing their concept with their first vending machine at KCI. Now that’s a cool idea!

Local art in a vending machine?
Kansas City-based SouveNear is showing off local art in an unusual manner: a vending machine. SouveNear launched its first vending machine at the Kansas City International Airport in late November. The goal is to provide convenient souvenirs to

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