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New Bill to Allow Tax Incentives for Artists

NOTO Art District in Topeka 

Some of Wichita and Topeka’s city art supporters have proposed a bill that would allow art districts to be created throughout the state and local governments a chance to create tax incentives to encourage artists to stay and the neighborhoods to grow.  Often when an arts district forms, the property values go up and the artists are forced to move out looking for a cheaper property. This bill will allow for property tax relief and help the artists stay in the areas they helped bring back to life.

John De’Angelo, director of the Wichita’s Arts and Culture Department testified Thursday in the Kansas House Committee of Federal and State Affairs about proposed bill HB2368.

“Currently, one of the tools that the (city) council doesn’t have is the ability to assist artists in ways of property tax relief,” D’Angelo said. “There is no internal process where a city can designate a cultural district.

“This would allow for that to occur as well as assist artists in staying in the places they have created that are unique.”

Beyond larger cities like Topeka and Wichita that could benefit from this bill, smaller cities including Salina, Hutchinson, Yoder, and Lindsborg could also benefit.  Even events such as the Symphony in the Flint Hills could feel the positive effects if the bill passes.
For more information, read the full article from the Wichita Eagle.

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