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Next Stop – The Future: Adjusting to Impermanence in the Art World

As an artist, you’ll exhibit in many places. You’ll become a member of different art groups. You’ll meet a lot of people. You’ll have beneficial partnerships and partnerships that were a mistake. You’ll make great friends and you’ll meet people with conflicting personalities.

Many of your experiences will be wonderful – others won’t be. In this respect, the art world is just like life.

If you’re in the early stages of your art career, you’ll learn that everything changes. If you’ve been at this for a while, you already know. That’s normal.

You might become attached to venues or groups. Artists are a passionate species. Change is uncomfortable – but necessary.

You’ll feel…

  • Disjointed.
  • Fragmented.
  • Maybe even a little lost.

But in time, a short time, you’ll feel…

  • Encouraged.
  • Wiser.
  • More ambitious.
  • Focused.

This past year, my own art career has undergone drastic changes – changes I didn’t expect. But looking back, although hard, all of it was good and right. You can expect the same.

As change fills your career, and it will, chalk up every experience as wisdom gained and lessons learned.

Let go, embrace change, and engage with every possibility. The art world, and life, is filled with opportunity, found and created. Always move forward.

“…and if you wanna reach your destiny, here’s what you’ve got to do.” ~The Brady Bunch

I discuss my own experiences in detail:

In my own experience, handling massive change, unexpected transition, or entering a period of extensive career makeover is as simple as remembering these 3 things.

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Your future is defined by your attitude – not your attachments. The point is, there’s no growth inside your comfort zone. If you truly want to build an art career, expect to be uncomfortable…a lot!






Now that’s the making of a great story. Do you have a story to tell? I’ll bet you do!




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