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Spencer Museum of Art Undergoes Renovation While Showcasing Special Exhibit

Spencer Museum of Art is undergoing renovations but is treating this as an opportunity to exhibit acquisitions that would be difficult to display otherwise.  This is an effort to invite visitors to envision the transformations of the museum space once renovation is complete.  The showcase includes two Asian Contemporary artists in Gallery 318, and “The Second Battlefield” in Gallery 316 featuring nurses in World War I.

Some of these selections are from the 3,000 World War I works from  the donation made by Eric Gustav Carlson this year. Senior curator Stephen Goddard states that the KU Faculty is also developing  a World War I curriculum and that is just one of many curricular things that will compliment what is available in the museum.




Spencer Museum of Art pauses to showcase diverse collection. In a new exhibition called “Holding Pattern,” two galleries, split into three sections, feature new acquisitions that reflect the diverse rationales that prompt curators at the Spencer to seek and acquire new works. It is rare for the group … The …

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