Kansas Artist: A Digital Magazine

It's finally here!

In an effort to support the art world, a quarterly arts publication is introduced. Delivered four times a year at an affordable price of $20, 25% of all revenue generated from this site goes directly into building a fund to contribute to Art in Kansas. That's right, it's about raising money to grow funds for arts related programs!

Inside the First Issue: Visit the Museums: Event and Exhibition Calendar for January and February, Stories of Art: A New Primmer for Kansas, Stare of The Arts: 2016 Loss of Federal Funding, Featured Artist: Jenny Meyer McCall, How to Approach an Art Gallery, Building a Collection: 10 Tips to get You Started, Pay a Visit to Kansas Galleries, Featured Artist: Linda Frost, Kansas, KC Metro Area 2016 Festivals.




The first ever of it's kind, Kansas Artist is filled with featured artists, the business side of art, and in depth look at the State of the Arts and funding issues in Kansas, tips for collectors, gallery features, museum information, and so much more...


  • January/February Winter 2016
  • March, April, May Spring 2016
  • June, July, August Summer 2016
  • September, October, November Fall 2016
  • December, January, February Winter 2016/2017

With so much more to come, welcome to the first issue and thank you for participating in the development of the first Kansas Arts digital magazine!

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