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The largest Outdoor Art Show comes to Wichita

Whitney Museum, the National Gallery, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Los Angeles County Museum, and the Art Institute of Chicago partnered with Outdoor Advertizing Association of America in an effort to revitalize art venues all over the U.S.  These five institutions compiled a list of 100 iconic works from their collections. With the help of the public they decided on 5o final works to appear in locations all over Kansas and the United States. Although nothing can replace the actual work of art, most found it refreshing to have art inserted into their daily commutes where commercial advertising is the norm.

‘Art Everywhere U.S.’ Brings Iconic Art To Wichita’s Billboards – KMUW

‘Art Everywhere U.S.’ Brings Iconic Art To Wichita’s BillboardsKMUWWichita is currently part of a nation-wide project called Art Everywhere U.S., which calls itself “The biggest outdoor art show ever conceived.” Art Everywhere displays images of artwork in outdoor advertising spaces. In August, billboards, bus …

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Hollywood, 1968; art by Edward Ruscha Photo by Carolyn Copple

Art Everywhere, US locations Map

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