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This Friday at The Rice Gallery The 2nd Annual National Juried Plein Air Show

Show opens Friday, February 24th, 2017 5-8pm.

An exclusive juried selection of works painted “en plein air” by many of our nation’s most talented outdoor painters!

The paintings featured in this special event have been hand selected by our panel of jurors from
hundreds of online submissions, offering a unique survey of works that represent and celebrate the true spirit of the plein air painting tradition.

Featured artists:

  • Beverly Amundson
  • David Andrus
  • Jill Berry
  • Adam Clague
  • Lamya Deeb
  • Larry DeGraff
  • Linda Dellandre
  • Daniel Fishback
  • Jane Flanders
  • Kathleen Hudson
  • Eric Jacobsen
  • Caroline Jasper
  • Crystal Johnson
  • Susan Johnson
  • Cathy Kline
  • Barry Koplowitz
  • Lynn LaRose
  • Dottie Leatherwood
  • Susan Lynn
  • Jeremy Manning
  • Spencer Meagher
  • Rodgers Naylor
  • Deborah Newman
  • Andrea Orr Clague
  • Debra Payne
  • Stephanie Rose
  • Jason Sacran
  • Diane Stolz
  • R. Gregory Summers
  • Richard Szkutnik
  • Russ Tanner
  • Sherri Thomas
  • Cathie Thompson
  • Virginia Vovchuk
  • Jill Stefani Wagner
  • Chris Willey
  • Marcia Willman
  • Stephen Wysocki
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