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Wonderfair Gallery and Shoppe- Final Friday Sale

Real life, baby! Come out and taste it tonight at Wonder Fair, and you’ll also enjoy 10% OFF ALL OPENING-NIGHT GALLERY SALES! This unadvertised, one-night-only sale includes our newest Wonder Fair edition, Pincushion, a two-color screenprint on French Paper’s lovely Durotone Construction Tile Green.


Jonathan Metzger:Where I’m From, Where I Want to Be 

Opening: Final Friday March 28, 6:00-9:30 pm
On view: through Sunday, April 20

About the Artist: Working in various media, Jonathan Metzger is a young, mid-western man searching for a place. Growing up on the bluffs near the Mississippi River in southern Minnesota, Metzger spent his youth on his parent’s farm. Memories of building fences, raising pole sheds, and completing household chores inspire his current work. Jonathan Metzger received his MFA with honors from University of Kansas in spring of 2013. Currently, Metzger is a visiting assistant professor at Millsaps College in Jackson, MS.


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